Hivemind is a Swiss leading IoT company with focus on commercial IoT.


We believe that the Internet of Things will improve our lives radically. Our goal is to enable integrators, service providers and enterprises, which are the main drivers of the digital transformation. To develop and deploy Internet of Things applications faster and easier than ever before, Hivemind provides a scalable IoT platform. It reduces time-to-market and enables rapid roll-out of feature-rich applications globally and at large scale. 


In the future we will continue working closely with vertical integrators, telecommunication operators and device-manufacturers to offer an open ecosystem capable of generating IoT solutions, which are independent, globally available, highly secure, and rock solid.





Our vision is to accelerate the digital transformation by creating a connected and intelligent world. At Hivemind we shape the future of IoT by building new ecosystems for our partners and customers.


Vikram Bhatnagar

Digital Leader

Sascha Smolokovski

Chief Operations Officer

Simon Rieser

CTO ProServ

Nadine Voser

Marketing Manager

David Giger

CTO Core

Stephan Müller

Chief Architect

Jonas Schmid

Project & Accounts Manager

Muriel Keller

Information Architect & Interaction Design

Savin Niederer

Backend Engineer

Chris Herr

Infrastructure Engineer

Lukas Hegetschweiler

Software Engineer

Luis Landero

Graphic Designer

Severin Roos

IoT Relationship Manager

Michael Poglonik

Delivery & Partner Manager

Jonas Gutknecht

IoT Devicemanager

Petar Milisavljevic

Software Engineer

Slobodan Jovanovic

Software Engineer

Milan Avic

Software Engineer