IoT Enabling Novel Healthcare Applications

Hivemind focuses on the realisation of cost-efficient healthcare IoT applications. Its wearable healthcare device called SENTIRE measures ECG and pulse oximetry around the clock.

The portable medical device market is nowadays growing globally due to the steadily ageing population as a result of increased life expectancy and low fertility. The steadily increasing costs in the health sector demands for the development of low-cost, wearable/implantable, and though miniaturised medical instrumentation devices that allow patients to be monitored continuously out of the hospitals. According to BusinessWire [4], the global market of wearable healthcare devices will grow thanks to novel M2M communication platforms on a rate of 17.4% and reach 23.8 bn U.S. dollar by 2025. In Switzerland for example, the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ) alone performs over 11’000 ECGs per year [6]. Globally, heart and blood circulation problems are the main reason of death and a main reason for hospitalisation in developed countries. In 2014, over 115’000 hospitalisations took place in Switzerland only due to cardiac problems [7]. Fig. 1 illustrates the Swiss medical market size. The overall medical market volume in Switzerland has been estimated to be around 64 bn U.S. dollar in 2015.

[ Picture of Swiss Medical Market with Total 64.057 bn U.S. dollar]

IoT offers extensive capabilities and use cases to solve the described challenges. Using the combination of various wireless communication channels, the devices are enabled to be always online while recording biomedical data. The data can be analysed quickly by a software platform giving doctors more insight into the patient’s condition. Patients can move freely allowing them a more comfortable experience. Doctors have the ability to remotely analyse patients, even if they are in the city, in the parks around the hospital, or at home. Medical professionals can therefore free hospital rooms and beds earlier than expected for new patients.

[Picture of Vision]

Hivemind focuses on the realisation of cost-efficient healthcare IoT applications. Its wearable healthcare device called SENTIRE is the perfect postop companion for patients in hospitals. It measures ECG and pulse oximetry around the clock and immediately notifies the appointed medical professional if a cardiac arrest is detected. In particular, when patients feel healthy enough to leave the hospital, the device in question is the perfect solution to join and support patients even at home. Medical professionals can further analyse the patient’s well-being condition independent of his geographical location.

[Picture of hardware + software]

The collected data is securely sent into Hivemind’s cloud where it is further analysed based  on predictive algorithms calculating the patient's condition and detecting future cardiac problems before they even occur.