Industry-leading IoT solutions with Hivemind IoT Platform

Our portfolio of implemented IoT solutions spans over 7 industries. Apart from the core Hivemind IoT Platform, it includes a broad variety of integrated third-party systems, protocols, and connected devices. These solutions bring together entire ecosystems of our customer's devices and stay open for any future extensions. If you see your company at the leading edge of this IoT evolution, we are glad to offer you our service.

Smart City

Reduce energy and resource wastage in urban environments with Hivemind’s IoT solutions for long range wireless connectivity, smart outdoor lighting, and continuous surveillance for a secure living.


Combine edge computing, advanced analytics, cloud services, and IoT connectivity to improve the way how enterprises conduct their operations. Hivemind’s OnePlatform provides the toolset to revolutionize supply chain management in your logistics enterprise.


Redesign your factory using the Industry 4.0 standards, tools, software, and hardware. IoT connectivity through OnePlatform allows factories to get smart and enhance their production efficiency.


Reshape the automotive industry using IoT-driven technologies towards connected cars, urban mobility, vehicle sharing, and drone-deploying and autonomous cars. Hivemind provides the key to interconnect vehicles using cognitive sustainability.

Building Automation

Enable security in buildings and homes through IoT sensor technologies while reducing energy and maintenance costs. Hivemind provides full-stack connectivity solutions to improve observability and controllability in smart buildings.


Monitor patient’s vital data in real-time medical applications. Hivemind is revolutionizing the healthcare and fitness industries with ultra-low power wearable devices while acquiring medical-grade vital data and making it directly available on the cloud.


Spare freshwater resources and reduce time to market in your precision agriculture using Hivemind’s IoT solutions to become more efficient. Our sensor measures among others soil moisture and nutrition.